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Photoshop Manipulations as Part of the Creative Process

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The first time I opened Photoshop, I panicked. I kept clicking everywhere, and none of the buttons seemed to work. I thought it would take me ages to learn to use it. And the learning process was slow and challenging to start. I watched you tube videos endlessly and wrote down every step in my notebook as I learned new projects but as soon as I learned the basics' it started to make sense, and I was able to create projects without following step-by -step you tube guides. And a period of Photoshop 'manipulations' started.

A great inspiration was ''piximperfect'' on you tube. Everything I know about photoshop I've learnt from this successful artists' tutorials on YouTube. And I managed to produce some good images.

I do fewer manipulations today as I mainly use Photoshop for photo editing, but I am so happy to be a skilled Photoshop user. Sometimes a small detail can tremendously enhance a photo that otherwise may not win the likes of many viewers.

Dreaming of a world of magic? You can create it.

Watch the tutorial here:

Photoshop manipulation featuring a girl watching sea life from her bedroom.
Under Water


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