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Tracing The Origin: My Photography Path From Its Roots and Battling Creative Block

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

When the hotel I worked at closed in March 2020, I purchased the latest version of Photoshop and started shooting with my iPhone. I also had a Sony DSC-H2 compact camera. As I was researching online for ideas, I came across ''Kutovakika'' on YouTube, and I was instantly attracted to creative photography. Eight months later, I realised that the harder I tried to create unique content, the less productive I was. Something wasn't working. And suddenly, I entered a phase of complete creative block. I had no ideas, and the ones I had, looked great in my head, but I could not bring them to life.

Witness the enchanting harmony of nature and artistry in this captivating image. A woman's hand cradles a butterfly, its wings a kaleidoscope of colours.
Graceful Connection

So what now?

Months went by, and I was still struggling. I decided to keep it simple. Inspiration comes when you relax and allow your eyes to see what your overworked brain would not let you see when you try too hard.

 A vibrant and exquisite moment unfolds as a woman's hand delicately cradles a resplendent flower.
Blossoming Beauty

I love colours, and I shot lots of colourful pictures. It was an insightful journey as I learnt so much about myself, and I think that one of the most valuable aspects of creating art is understanding who you are. You might be astonished by what you find.

Amos Oz was so right when he said that: 'the only journey from which you don't always come back empty-handed is the journey inside yourself'.

Celebrate the splendour of fall with the enchanting image of a woman holding a garland woven from wildflowers.
Autumn Floral Elegance


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